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I’m dedicated to having the tough but necessary conversations about Fiscal Responsibility, Capital Improvements and Debt. Click below to learn more about my plans.


With a passion for government and leadership experiences in communities and schools, I stand ready to serve in any way I can. Take this journey with me!


A look into Randi’s experience, thoughts and ideas for leading Kaysville into the future. Click below to read more.

  • “ Randi and I have been serving on the Community Council for Snow Horse Elementary for the past two years. I'm always impressed by her way to see outside the box. She has a way in getting us to see the full picture and often in directions know one else seems to think. Being new in the area, I was very impressed by the way she dove into our community. Her desire to understand how the school and community work together is inspiring. When she doesn't understand a procedure, she has always done her homework until she understands. Randi will be an asset on the City Council. She will take responsibility of her position and not disappoint.”

    Jaynalee Peterson

  • “ Randi is someone who sees a challenge, researches the solution and then ACTS on it to solve the problem.  She is a hard working woman of action and dedication.  Her strong ethical values and fiscally conservative platform make her someone that I believe would make a tremendous impact for good for the city of Kaysville.    ”

    Carol Ferguson

  • “ I am pleased to hear that you are concerned about things that matter most to the residents: child safety  in the form of sidewalks to schools, good roads, ample freeway access, fire and police protection,  and limits on new housing construction. We need good people like you who are passionate about strong and effective representation of the will of the people!”

    Lee & Myrna Boam

  • “ Randi is passionate about Utah. She wants to create the very best environment for all citizens not just to live, but to thrive. I have no doubt that with her dedication, organization, idealism and no-drama attitude we will see change happen in Kaysville.”

    Ashley Webb