Lead to Successful Government

Fiscal Responsibility

Capital Improvements


Capital improvements are necessary for a city to thrive. City leaders are entrusted to make the best decisions regarding avenues in which capital will be budgeted in order to avoid unnecessary debt. I will

  • Start with a comprehensive understanding of each line item in the city budget
  • Prioritize the basic needs of the citizens including but not limited to water, power, emergency services and road maintenance
  • Make spending decision regarding non-essentials through citizen feedback and majority opinion.

Tax load vs. City Spending

Taxes are necessary in government administration. However, over taxation leads to overspending. In order to balance out the need and the want, I will

  • Take responsibility for working with other members of the council to remain aware of how monies are being spent.
  • Lobby state representatives to make sure that taxation on a state and federal level are not excessive, thus taking away from the cities ability to function without adding to it’s citizens tax burden

Accountable government

First and foremost, elected officials are representatives of the people within their boundaries. Decision making must be made with the majority good in mind. In order to help aid this process, I will

  • Respond to citizen concerns on an individual basis within a timely manner
  • Seek regular feedback from citizens within Kaysville City as well as give regular reporting through email groups or other technology driven mediums.

Supporting families and children

Opportunities to learn and grow

Engage in effective city-school collaboration

Many city matters interact with Davis District policies. In order to help balance both entities, I will

  • Attend school board meetings
  • Liaison with the school district in order to lobby for Kaysville city and our students.

Safe routes to and from school

As city growth has occurred, curb and gutter needed to create safe routes have been slow in keeping pace. I will

  • Place a priority on addressing the needed sidewalk improvements
  • Work to create proposals and budget allowances to not only meet the current need but also keep up with future growth.

Safe Neighborhoods

Sustainable roads budget

Road maintenance has been neglected in order to accomplish other functions within the city. I will

  • Support a scheduled road usage fee for household and business utility
  • Only vote for a bond measure that begins with a comprehensive plan for repayment.

Balance over development and traffic growth

As growth continues within the city, traffic is going to increase. I will

  • Only vote to approve plat proposals after a comprehensive look at the traffic implications has occurred.

Support to emergency services

Growth within Kaysville has placed an increase burden on our emergency services. I will

  • Seek to find budgeted means to allow for future personnel need within the police and fire departments
  • Prioritize funding for a second fire station positioned on the west side of Kaysville