I always try to be extra careful with my striping vs stripping.

You make that mistake once and you don’t forget it.

-Shayne Scott, City Manager


Growth.  Change.  Roads.  Commutes.  Congestion.  Resolution.

We are getting to the end of a long road.  An overpass was constructed in 2008 but fissures were noticed in the exterior paneling in 2012.  While the bridge was and is safe to travel on, the damage indicated an underlying problem.  Through much study, the cracks were found to be caused by an improperly installed bridge feature that was meant to allow for settling movement.  The city has declined taking ownership of the bridge until responsibility for the error was accounted for.  A settlement was reach on September 6th.  9 years after construction was complete, we are now able to restripe 200 N. from I-15 headed west.

For those who travel this road everyday, often being stuck in a long line up of cars, this is glorious news.

Winter has put a slow down on the process.  Due to paint not taking as well once ground temperatures fall below 50°, striping companies generally close up shop on October 15th.  Because this project will require a plan to remove existing paint, shift stoplight positions and make sure lanes match up, we will not be able to get the project done before the cut-off date.  But, as soon as ground temperatures allow in the Spring, this project will get underway.  And as an added bonus, the widening of 200 N. all the way to Angel Street should be complete by this time and restriping can be done incorporating this entire route. 

Aww, the sweet relief of 4 lanes! 🙂