Figuring out how to communicate with a community is one of the challenges of modern governance.  Cities grow to a size where word of mouth is not feasible.  Paper mail is not always checked.  Email can be discarded if the information is too lengthy or an attachment has to be opened.  In our ever changing world, new methods of communication are being employed.  My, personal, favorite is Facebook.  Post are, generally, short and to the point.  They show up in your regular feed so as you get updates on friends and family, you can also learn things about the community.  It is a great way to combine communication with a past time.  


If you have not followed the official city Facebook pages, take a minute to do so.  You will learn about rec sign ups, fire department statistics, crime trends that you need to be aware of and much more!








Official Kaysville, Utah Page:








Parks and Rec:








Fire Department:








Police Department:







Kaysville City Yard and Garden:







Kaysville Business Support:



And because I feel like it is worth following so the community knows when there is a need…







Safe Harbor Crisis Center: