TODAY is the DAY!

Election Day.

It has been a wonderfully interesting year for me. Last year at this time I was completely focused in on how the demonization of anyone on the opposite side of the table (no matter which side of the table you were sitting on) was taking over our country. This year I decided to throw my hat in the ring to add my own voice of balance.

It has not been a seamless process. Last night I was telling CJ all of the things I have learned in the process. But, at the end of it all, I can say with confidence that I did it in a way that I am proud of. I don’t know what the polls will say tonight (released around 10 pm MST on the Davis County webpage, for anyone who is wondering) but I do feel like I made an impact on the discussions that were taking place. If I am elected, I am excited to continue learning, communicating, educating and standing up for balanced politics.

So, if you have not mailed in your ballot, take a few minutes to stop by city hall and vote in person. All of the information you need about candidates on the ballot can be found on my webpage.


Central Davis Sewer District Board Candidate Information


M. the C. pt 1- Why Are You Running?

Thank you for your support, friendship and desires to make Kaysville the best it can be!