I want to clarify the election process in Kaysville.


We will have TWO separate elections in order to reach our final decision- a PRIMARY and a FINAL

The PRIMARY election process is currently going on (and Kaysville residents should have received mail in ballot via the USPS recently).


  • In some elections, the primary is used to narrow a group of party candidates (Republican, Democrat, Independent, etc.) to one candidate who will represent the party in the final election.


  • Kaysville is NON-PARTISAN (no parties represented in city government) so our Primary is a narrowing process to narrow the field to 2 candidates/1 spot available.


  • With the ballots currently out, TWO of the three MAYORAL candidates will move on to the final election. Your vote right now is to determine which two candidates for mayor have the most support in order to move forward.

Lorene Milner KamaluFacebook Page, Website

Rustin Jessen: Facebook Page, Website

Katie Witt: Facebook Page, Website




NOTE: We have TWO city council seats up for election. Because of this, we can have FOUR candidates on the final ballot. Only FOUR candidates filed so we DO NOT need to have a Primary (or narrowing) election.

All four candidates move on to the final election.




The FINAL Election will occur on NOVEMBER 7th. This will once again be a mail in ballot (with the option to vote in person at any Davis County voting location on Nov. 7th). You will have one vote for mayor and two votes for city council. The mayoral candidate will win with a simple majority (over 50%). The top two city council vote getters will take office on the first Monday in January (January 8th, 2018 to account for the New Year’s Day holiday).

Michelle Barber: Facebook Page, Website

James Hansen

Susan Lee: Facebook Page, Website

Randi von Bose: Facebook Page, Website


If you have not sent in/dropped off your primary ballots, PLEASE DO by August 14th ! This will ensure that we have the best candidates to choose from in the final election!