Final Question- 1 minute

If there is anything that you wanted to tell us that we haven’t heard yet, highlight that. And also, tell us why we should vote for you. And we’re going to start with Susan Lee


Susan Lee

Thank you, once again, for caring enough to be here tonight. Last time I ran, I have to say, it was a little bit more difficult. I had two sons get married. We moved. I had a son graduate, a son go on a mission and then I campaigned. So, this time I only had one wedding and a son returning from a mission so this is a breeze. But with that being said, I have to tell you, it has been an honor and a privilege to serve the citizens of Kaysville, the kindness and the service attitude that comes out in the people as I talk to you and as I listen. I understand that we are a unique community and that is what makes us so great. That is why so many people want to come here and live here. And I hope that you will consider allowing me the opportunity to continue to serve you. Thank you.


Rustin Jessen

Something I’d like to see happen here in Kaysville is some core values or at least some training and muscle memory that speak to the core values I think are very important for Kaysville. I’d like to introduce, at every level of our government and appointed and elected officials, something I call the four keys for Kaysville. I want to make sure that these four keys are used as a crucible to really refine the questions we’re asking, the moves we make, to make sure that they’re in the best interest of Kaysville; safety, honesty, efficiency and identity. Making sure that every move we make is as safe as it can be. Are we truly being honest and transparent in every way? Are we being as efficient as we can possibly be? And are we paying the correct respect to the identity that we, the residents of Kaysville, identify with and want to portray to the community? As I look at these four keys, what I would like to make sure happens is when we reach these areas that are question marks, we’re not sure which move to make, that we have something to fall back on, some guideposts to fall back on. To make sure that as we measure it against these four keys, we can be sure that the decisions we make in the end, that we can satisfy all four of those keys. We know that the move we are going to make is the right one for Kaysville. Thank you.


Lorene Kamalu

Thanks for coming tonight. I’ve really looked forward to this, being able to meet more of you, being able to share more about me and answer questions. I have prepared to lead. That is what my sign says. I’ve done a lot to prepare to lead in Kaysville because I have found a passion in public service. And after 20 years of being successful in business, I want to turn my attention to public service and to the citizens of Kaysville. I am a very good listener. I will listen to everyone. I will go and visit your properties. I will sit around and visit and do fun things in the community with you. These are the things I have already been doing. I have been, obviously, getting the degree and trying to get as much input from all of you. I have a public service line set up in my home where you can call my home. I will have office hours as a mayor. And I intend to continue the good curve that we are on to increasing communication out to the citizens of Kaysville so that everyone knows what’s going on their city and people can give input and feedback and we can go in the direction that our citizens want us to go. I would love to be your mayor.


Katie Witt

Over the past two years I’ve been to, probably, more city council meetings than at least one of the city council members. I go to every event. I do something called Kaysville Condensed. So, I go and summarize what happened at city council. Public Service is something that I do naturally. I’m already leading. I think that you don’t have to be an elected official in order to lead. I currently serve as the first female Rotary President here in Kaysville, very honored to have that opportunity. And, I’m really excited about having a strategic plan for our community. It is so important. And I think that so many good ideas here, we can incorporate into a strategic plan. It is crucial. Even if I’m not the mayor, please, let’s push for a strategic plan so that we can get Kaysville where we want it to be in 10 years, 20 years so that our kids can come back and have their grand kids come back.


Michelle Barber

What a wonderful evening. I am honored to be up here with such great candidates and for the spirit that’s reminding me why we love Kaysville. We are the face of Kaysville. We are united in our dedication. I think I speak to everyone when I say, the political climate of our nation the past few years has changed every single one of us. It changed me and it made me more aware. And I realized, for as excited as we get on that national level, we need to put our energy where it counts- here locally. And as you can see at my website,, my tag-line is “Be the change”. There’s so many things I wanted to see done in Kaysville. I was so passionate about what was happening and frustrated with the vision and image that we have going out there and I wanted someone to change it. And guess what? I looked in the mirror and decided it’s got to be me. If it’s going to be somebody, you need to be the change you want to see. Whether you’re elected as on official or you’re a resident, you’re all here tonight because you’re part of the change. Elected or not, I can commit to you that I will continue to be the change for Kaysville. Thank you so much.


James Hansen

Thanks for having us out. I too, like these candidates said, I’m excited about the candidates that are up here tonight. They have a good vision. I hope too that, agree with what’s been said about strategy. I hope you’re thinking about, as citizens we get involved with what we want Kaysville to be. I’m a farmer from rural Utah. I love west Kaysville to be farms. I’d love to stay that way. It might not. We’re facing the realities. But let’s have it be the Kaysville we’ve envisioned. Let’s work towards it. I just want to represent you and make the things you want to see happen, the good things happen. One thing- I know I’ve talked a lot of love and feel good joy but I’m a professor. I deal with hard things. I deal with cheating students. I’m okay with doing the hard things when they need to be done if it will help our community be a better place. And again, I just look forward to representing you. Thanks for having me tonight.


Randi von Bose

I’m going to take a page from Susan’s book so she’s not the only one standing ’cause she did a great job at that. As I have jumped into this process, the one thing that keeps coming to my mind and has kind of become my mantra is that effective communication and education lead to successful government. And, I think that there is room for improvement in that in Kaysville. I think that we have come leaps and bounds over the last few years. I think that there’s definitely room for improvement. One thing that is important to me is getting the citizens involved. I think it’s easy to close our doors and to just expect the city to take care of us but city functions best when the citizens are involved. I have a webpage, it’s, and on it I’ve started a blog. I am writing about the issues that are important to our city. There are a lot of topics we didn’t cover here tonight. If you want to know my position on other things, feel free to go read through that or there is a place to contact me and I’d love to answer any other questions you have. Additionally, I really do want to start a group of citizens who want to get information up front. I have a pad over there. If you want to write down your name and your email address, over the coming months I’m hoping to grow that so that when there comes time when I need feedback, I can easily get that. Thank you.


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