The times I have purchased a home have been some of the most interesting experiences of my life. After seeing a house just a few times, documentation is signed committing to many thousands of dollars paid out for a large chunk of ones life. There is no “dating” period. You do your best to learn what you can and then you hope for the best.  

Will this be the right place for my family?

Will it be a money pit?

Will the market crash?

It is not a process for the faint of heart.



Although not quite the same magnitude of commitment, voting can come with it’s own level of apprehension. We learn what we can and then make a decision that can have real effect on the next four years of our lives.

Will this candidate increase my taxes?

Will this candidate approve zoning to put a Wal-Mart in my backyard?

Will this person be able to balance out the needs and wants within my city?

Will this person help take care of my family?

Filling in a circle can be as simple as signing your name to title paperwork but what comes next is pretty important. Knowing that finding the information you need to make a good decision can be hard, I wanted to take a second to tell you why I think I would be a good representative for you.


I love the federal republic that was set up by our founders.

Through years of study (including an undergraduate minor in history), I know the complex decisions that were weighed out and made in order to create a union that has thrived for the last 215+ years. We do not function by the rule of one any more than we function by mob rule. Every voice is given a chance to speak and then a trusted representative, one who has been vetted by the people, is tasked with weighing out all of the voices and making the choice that will bring progress.


I was raised to believe in and strive to emulate the ideals of balance.

Solutions are not found in absolute thinking. What represents progress to me might be in opposition to progress for the next person. While I do believe there are absolute truths in this life, I know that the bulk of daily decisions (such as government administration) are going to require balance and perspective. I am able to put my own wants aside to implement the needed decisions.


I will always try to understand others and I won’t shy away from hard questions.

Throughout much of my life I have been placed into leadership positions. Some have been elected, some appointed, and some are voluntary. Through each one I have built on my ability to discern problems and identify the underlying concerns. I won’t ignore or run from hard problems, even when the public discourse becomes uncomfortable. I believe that we can address hard issues together, and that through public discourse and good public education we can work together to make our community better than we thought possible.


I have available time to give.

Some might seek to disqualify me because I am the mother of young children. Being in the trenches everyday, I understand that propensity. However, as my kids have grown into amazing and responsible bigger kids, I find that I am able to spread my time out a bit more. School schedules, built in baby-sitters and an incredibly supportive husband (just as important as a supportive wife for a male candidate) goes a long way. I will have the time to not only meet my city council meeting obligation but to also attend community events, represent the city when needed, research points of the agenda, complete training, etc., etc..


I am proud of our city and optimistic about our future together.

Stepping into the world of politics is, also, not for the faint of heart. There will be conflict. There will be people that do not agree with my perspective. I know that there might be personal attacks and there most certainly will be hard days. But, to balance out those trying times will be a sense of good. Knowing that I have something to offer that may make the lives of my family, friends and community better, I am willing to step in front of the hard things. Kaysville is an amazing city with so many built-in advantages. I’m excited to build toward the next step in our city’s growth.



If what I have written seems like what you want to see in your local government, I would encourage you to fill in that bubble next to my name. I cannot promise you that I will be perfect but I can promise that I will exhaust my abilities to help move Kaysville forward.