Kaysville City Council primary ballots will be mailed out around the 23rd of July (3 weeks before the municipal primary date set by the state of Utah). This year Kaysville has 4 spots up for election; three 4-year term positions and one 2-year term position. To help voters get to know the 11 candidates running for election/re-election, I have asked each candidate if they would like to meet with me to make a short video answering the following questions:

1- Why are you running?

2- What is your background?

3- Are there any issues you would like to focus on if you are elected?

I will be posting one video/day (in ballot order) every day for the next week and a half, starting with the 2-year term candidates (Greg Carlile, Andre Lortz and Zane Larsen) and moving on to the 4- year term candidates (John Swan Adams, Dave Adams*, Mike Blackham, Caleb Stroh, Tim Hodges, Stroh DeCaire, Brett Tarbox, and Tami Tran).

*declined invitation to interview

Next Up: Tim Hodges

email: thodges4council@gmail.com