It has almost been a month since the election. After spending this time thinking through what comes next for me, I have decided to keep on keeping on with what I was doing before the election. The need for communication and education still exists and I still have this wonderful medium set up for just that. My love for the institute of government remains strong and (as weird as it may be) so does my love of attending city council. I hope to keep learning and sharing so that when thing that are important to you come into the forefront, the information is being talked about.


Because most points of interest will come before the city council during regularly scheduled meetings, I want to start highlighting the agendas before the meetings happen.  In that vain, here are a few things I think are important to know.


  • The agendas are published through the city webpage (generally, no later than the Monday before the meeting).
    • You can find them yourself by going to, hovering over “Government” and selecting the “Agenda & Minutes” link.


  • A packet will also be published.  This packet includes any supporting documents that will be looked at in connection with the agenda items.


  • As of right now, meeting are scheduled for 7 pm on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays at City Hall.


  • Anyone can comment about an agenda item/ point of concern or interest during the “Call to the Public” (which occurs during the first few agenda items of any meeting).
    • Anyone who wants to speak has up to 3 minutes to make a comment.
    • If you want to speak, come to the podium during the designated time and start by stating your name.  From there, the floor is yours.
    • The council will not reply to your comment at this time but might address your comment later in the meeting
    • Unless there is a public hearing scheduled for a specific agenda item, this will be your only chance to speak during the council meeting.





For the meeting this week on December 7th, 2017, the agenda is as follows:


A few points of interest that will be discussed:

  • #10– discussion to enter into an agreement with CRS Engineers to begin working on a design to repair the improperly installed bridge feature that was meant to allow for settling movement.


  • #11– Possible passage of a revision of electric utility rates


  • #12– Resolution defining how solar customers will be metered.
    • A point of possible concern is that existing solar users will keep the same rate structure for 15 years (through 2033).  Rocky Mountain Power is looking into a much shorter period for solar customers to retain their current rates.


  • #14– Outlining of process that will occur to engage the public in discussion about a “Road Fee