Second Q&A via Facebook;

“Here is another agenda item from the City Council meeting on 6/6/17 that’s had a lot of citizen input and received an approval recommendation from the planning commission and was tabled by City Council, pending some plat changes by the applicant.

4. Preliminary Plat for the Whisperwood Subdivision
Video time stamp: 1:30:20- 2:15:00

Those interested in voicing their thoughts on the Council’s vote, please do so. Should it have been approved, denied, was what the council did appropriate or should a different decision been made?”


My Reply:

I have to start out by saying that I am a big fan of Ms. Amy Taylor. The last couple of meetings, as the Whisperwood subdivision has been discussed, I have watched her present with clarity… and with style to boot! 🙂 Probably not germane to the conversation but you get what you pay for. 😉

I have enjoyed the conversations that have occurred in regards to this PRUD rezone request. It has been nice to see open engagement and attempts to come to an understanding. At the last meeting, when the consideration of vacation first came before the city, there were many people from the neighborhood in attendance. Understandably, they were concerned about the development. There was one comment made about how it was time for the city to say that enough was enough and to cease with issuing new build permits. This, easily, could have become the attitude of the whole community. But through the meeting this week, the neighbors came back to the city with compromise in mind. While I am certain that it is hard for them to accept that the open land next to them would go away, their top concern became making sure that if the development was to proceed, it be done correctly. I applaud Mr. Matt Briggs and all those who came with him to lobby for consideration to be given in making sure that appropriate road and plat development proceeded. And I applaud the Mayor and the Council for allowing the discussion to occur which lead to a meeting of minds.

One last point I want to make. This scenario highlighted how a work session setting can change an outcome. At the end of the council meeting Councilman Adams brought up an idea of incorporating a work session setting into the beginning of council meetings, before the formal session comes to order. This would allow for more free flowing conversation between the council and citizens who come to the meeting with specific concerns in mind. I love this idea but I recognize that it will only work if people utilize the time given. If this is instituted, I imagine it will be on a trial basis. Thus following, I would encourage anyone taking the time to read this reply to utilize this tool if it is given. Concerns and problems will be resolved much more easily with accurate feedback from those directly impacted!