I have had a few people ask me about my thoughts for the Mayoral Primary election that is currently happening. As I have become more involved in the city I have firmly come to believe that the main traits we need in a Mayor are:


  1. Someone who understand the need for a solid plan and long term goals for Kaysville in regards to land use, business partnering and community identity.
  2. Someone who is assertive enough to work with all types of personalities in all types of situations
  3. Someone who will listen to all of the voices at the table and have the ability to temper those that are unproductive and
  4. Someone who has a respected voice beyond our city and can help promote our goals


I have utmost respect for all three candidates but, without hesitation, feel that Rustin Jessen fits into and will excel at fulfilling these expectations. It is a tall order that I think anyone might falter under but I believe the city has the best chance of success moving forward with Rustin.


**Added note** If I am elected, I will be happy to work with any of the three candidates. I believe each one of them has the best interests of the city at heart. Since I cannot cast three votes, these are simply the thoughts that helped me clarify my choice.