This morning the city published a notice regarding changes to the agenda format.  I made a quick video to give an overview of how the new format will work.





The agenda for this week can be found here and is as follows:

1. Oath of Office Ceremony for Newly Elected Officials. – Sen. J. Stuart Adams

7:00 p.m. CITY COUNCIL MEETING The agenda shall be as follows:
1. Opening – Council Member Larry Page

2. New City Council Agenda Format. – Mayor Witt

3. Consent Items

a. Approval of Minutes from Dec. 7, 2017 & Dec. 21, 2017.

b. USA Softball Award Recognition. – Steve Rollins, State Commissioner/USA Softball

c. Acceptance of the proposed 2018 Regular Meeting Schedule for the City Council, Planning Commission and Power Commission.

d. Declaration of any Conflicts of Interest.

e. A Resolution Authorizing the City Council to Censure Dave Adams, Authorizing the Mayor to Issue a Public Letter of Censure, and Respectfully Requesting that Mr. Adams Resign from the City Council. (Resolution 18-1-4)

4. Action Items (each item should take no more than 5 minutes)

a. Rules of Procedure Change.

b. A Resolution for Appointment of Mayor Katie Witt to the Wasatch Integrated Board representing Kaysville City (Resolution 18-1-1).

c. A Resolution to Adopt the 2018 Net Metering Agreement (Resolution 18-1-3).

d. An Ordinance to Amend the Kaysville City Net Metering Policy (Ordinance 18-1-1).

5. Work Items

a. Substation Technician Job Description. (15 Minutes) – Gary Hatch

b. Fiber Consultant Recommendation. (15 Minutes) – Ryan Judd

c. Automated Meter Infrastructure (AMI) Consultant Recommendation. (20 Minutes) – Ryan Judd

d. Capital Facilities/Impact Fee Analysis. (15 Minutes) – Dean Storey

6. Call to the Public.

7. Council Member Reports.

8. Adjournment.


A couple point to be aware of:

  • Item 3.e is under Consent Items.  This agenda items is a resolution to censure Councilmember Adams for failing to “ensure public confidence in the integrity of local government”.  As this item is listed with the block consent items and is viewed as an administrative item, no discussion is slated to occur with this action.
  • Item 5.d is an important presentation on a potential fee that the council is looking into adding to resident utility bills that will be used to pay for road repair and maintenance.
  • Item 6, Call to the Public, is scheduled after all of the consent, action and work items and will probably not occur until after, at least, 8:00 pm.