Over the coming days you may get this yellow postcard in the mail. DO NOT DISREGARD it! 👍
A new fee is being proposed to our utility bills that will be used for road repairs and maintenance. A couple dates to be aware of:


Open House: January 24th at 6 pm

Public Hearing: February 1st at 6 pm


A few links that might be helpful:

Utah LTAP (Local Technical Assistance Program) Report from February 16th, 2017 regarding the condition of the Kaysville Road network: https://randivonbose.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/LTAP-report-1.pdf

2017 Road Fee Analysis Report:  http://www.kaysvillecity.com/documentcenter/view/1458

Background write-up from my blog:  https://randivonbose.com/roads-part-1/