When I was first trying to decide if running for city council was the right decision for me, I sat down one morning to make a list of the city items that I felt needed improvement.  My “Values” was the result of that morning.  After this all flowed onto paper, I knew that I had something that was valid enough to share and would be a great foundation from which I could build.  One line on this document that is of utmost importance to me is, “I will… seek regular feedback from citizens within Kaysville City as well as give regular reporting through email groups or other technology driven mediums.” 


We often find ourselves inundated with information in today’s world.  Whereas 50 years ago there were limited resources to go to in forming our opinions, we now seem to have infinite options.  I know that, for me, this almost causes a mental shut down.  With ample information and limited time, what becomes a priority for our brain space?  And what are we going to allow to fade into the background to free up processing capacity?


I think that for many people of this information driven society, understanding and being engaged in local, state or national government has moved to the back burner.  It is not that we don’t care.  It is simply that gathering the needed information to be engaged can seem like an insurmountable and never-ending task.  And to put it in colloquial terms, “Ain’t nobody got time for that”.  So, what do we do?  How do we remain engaged without getting overwhelmed?


I believe that the solution lies in utilizing the amazing technology that we have been given.  Email changed the face of communication.  Texting (as any good teenager will tell you) has alleviated the need to ever talk to anyone.  😉  The internet has opened up programs and apps to organize in a way that would have been mind-blowing to previous generations.  And I want to use all of these tools.  My top goal throughout this campaign season is to gather a group of Kaysville residents who want to be a part of this effort. 


As you look through my webpage you will see multiple places where I am asking for your email address.  I have not done this so that I can sell your information off to the highest bidder or use it for fund-raising purposes.  My goal is to create a group that, through the easiest means possible (surveys, feedback forms, regular reporting, and email), can be a part of this effort to increase engagement.  I know that as we hone our communication abilities, educate those in our surroundings and come together in decision making, we will see our city thrive!  So, please take a minute to input your email address and help me in building the next generation of Kaysville.