I was so excited to pull up the webpage today and see that we have switched to the new layout. There is so many good technology related things coming down the pike. I wanted to take a quick minute to share a few of them with you before getting on to the agenda.


Through the new city webpage you now how the ability to set up an account to get information about things that are important to you.  In the image above you will notice that at the top of kaysvillecity.com you now have a prompt to “Create an Account”.

Through setting this up you will then have your own profile with as much or as little information as you would like to provide.


Additionally, the system for individual alerts is now tied into the webpage.  After setting up your profile you can also make sure that you are signed up for alerts about topics that matter to you.

After selecting which alerts you would like, make sure to sign into your email or check your text messages to confirm your subscriptions!

I know there are more cool features to the webpage but this is a good starting place.  Moving on to the agenda.

There will be a city council meeting this coming Thursday at 5 pm.  The agenda is as follows:

This should be a quick meeting with one request for purchase and a few plat approvals.  There is one plat approval that has had some conflict surround it during previous meetings.  You can find more information on this here.